Remington CI-95AC2 is a standard Hair Curling Wand by Remington. It has power on and off button and temperature changing settings.

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Why won’t my curling wand power on when it is plugged in?

When I plug in my curling wand and push the power button it won’t turn on. I need help fixing this.

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There are two probable issues that may cause your curling wand to not power on properly. There is a possibility that the power button on your curling wand is faulty, which is addressed in our troubleshooting guide. The issue could also be caused by a faulty power cord, which has a detailed solution seen here.

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If your curling iron does not turn on what u want to do is unplug the curling iron and in the box in the wall press reset and then test then plug it in if it doesn't work then try to plug in the curling and then reset and test if this doesn't work then you may want to maybe ask a beauty supplie store or were u got it from

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