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Can I change the processor to be faster?

I would like to put in a faster processor in my Apple powerbook G4 12 inch. I was wondering if this is possible and where I would get a new processor from, how big can I go? Is this something I can replace myself or will I have to take it somewhere?

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If you have the PB 12" alu 867mhz model then there's no way to swap to a faster logic board but if you own the DVI one you can go up to 1.5Ghz. Now replacing the logic board in the 12" alu model is a difficult job if you have no experience with these models. Reinstalling the cabling at good locations inside the bottom case is a challenge. Best way to remember how it was installed is to take many picts and notes as references during the take apart procedure.

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It's really not worth it to change the processor, if you want to do that, it is an incredibly expensive and difficult operation, not to mention getting ahold of a processor in the first place. And then you might as well replace the whole Logic Board. You're better off just maxing out your RAM, putting a nice fast HDD in there, or just replacing the whole unit.

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