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My iPod nano 4th gen battery is dead

i want to replace my battery,but in the web there is that ipod nano (limited edition) battery cannot be


And my display is also broken i want change my display also

and i have replaced my display but it doesnt work.only a blank white screen comes it beeps teet that.if i connect to the computer via usb it only turns and also recognize it


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Can you give us a link to the site that says you can't replace the battery?


David,can u please give any contact information(email).

cause i really want to repair my ipod.



I provided you with a link to our guide for your iPod. I'm not sure why you want contact information, though.


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No iPod batteries are "user-serviceable," but all of them can be replaced. Follow our battery replacement guide for the 4th generation Nano. Keep in mind, though, it's not a simple repair, and requires some proficiency in soldering. We also don't sell that particular battery, so you would have to find that somewhere.

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