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La Kenmore 110 Series es una lavadora para el hogar de fácil uso creada por Kenmore.

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What is capacity of washer?

What is washer capacity?

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My washer is a Kenmore elite model #110.45986400. Do you know the capacity?

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How about 110.21182012?

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Hi @parkside9

What is the model number of the washing machine?

You have provided the part number for the owner manual for a washing machine and it doesn't state which model

Is it a Kenmore 796.3151 model?

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It is Model # 796.3151#21#

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what is the cubic ft of a Kenmore 110.21882 001 model?

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carolraden, most standard for the 110 series washer is 3.2 cu. ft. of capacity. If you give us your complete model number, we can most likely give you all the specs.

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My complete model # is 110.5142510

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My model # is 110.42924 200 Kenmore Elite HE3t

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My model number is 110.92292800. Thanks, in advance. - Karen :)

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@Karen Winegardner 3.4cu.ft

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Do you know the capacity of Kenmore Model # 110.20022014?

Thank you so much, K. Watts

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Hi @kw457jhr,

I can’t find the exact information regarding the capacity of your model washer so here’s a link that shows how to calculate it.


I’ve restored your deleted comments and deleted the duplicated ones. Sometimes the Ifixit spam iRobot gets it wrong and deletes comments/answers/questions which have long number strings for the model number, as it thinks that it is a spam phone number. By reopening your comments it “teaches” the iRobot so it knows better next time.


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My Kenmore is 110.20022012 model. What is the capacity?

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110. 47798800 HE5T steamer front loader what is the capacity on this washer . Please and thank you

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@Mary Gamboa

The capacity is approx. 4 cu.ft.

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Thank you so much for you help . I really appreciate it.

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Capacity of Kenmore 110.25132411

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