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What is wrong with my replacement screen, not popping into place?

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, can someone please view my pictures of my iphone, its a sprint 5, the top left corner and half of the left side is not popping into the frame correctly.

when i look at the top "tabs" it looks like the one on the left side just is worn or not as "lipy"...could this be the problem or something else? if you look at the pic of the top, youll see two little indents, there supposed to be one on the left too but its not a prominant looks like it wouldnt catch.

ive also done what i can do to make sure nothing else interally is out of place and stopping it from locking in

everything does work.

thank you

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Have you made sure these taps are not like pushed down so that the metal housing frame of the iPhone 5 can clip in and hold the screen? If they are pushed down then you need to push them back up so it has enough space for the tabs to clip in.

To put the screen in you need to start from the top where the tabs are make sure they hold in first then start working you way to the bottom.

Now if the frame is damaged or dented in some way that makes it a bit hard to put in you will need to get the top in first then the bottom then the middle. You need to be very careful doing this though so this way is not recommended but should only be used as a last resort. You may need one of those razor blades to get the bottom one clipped in this case.

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