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This all purpose Android tablet was released in May 2013. It features a 7" 800x480 LCD screen, dual-core processing, and supports up to 32GB of additional memory.

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Why is the touch screen not working?

I recently dropped my tablet, it still turns on and charges fine but when ever i try to unlock it i the touch screen isn't responding

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Are there any visible signs of damage on the screen?

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No visible signs of damage

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Did not drop mine

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I’m 12 and this is bugging me because I never dropped it but it was in my backpack and it cracked

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Hi @myrnar ,

If the LCD display screen still works but not the touchscreen the fall has either loosened the digitizer (touchscreen) cable connection to the systemboard or the digitizer is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Here is a link to the ifixit guide to the Trio Stealth G2 Hype Screen Replacement which may be of some help (I hope your tablet make and model is this one, as you haven't said otherwise).

Here is a link to just one supplier of the replacement part. It is not a recommendation to use them, it is shown to give an idea of the price. There are others online that may suit you better. Just search for Trio Stealth G2 Hype digitizer part for results.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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