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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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How to access Call log

How can I find the recent numbers for incoming calls

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My CID does not show any call history. Caller ID works, but no history any more.

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Ours just emptied out the directory and the call log!!! What is wrong with it??

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Hi @ Tim Siefke,

If you have the Uniden Dect 6 D1760 hopefully nobody pressed End + # together as this will take you to the reset options.

Was the time and date shown on the display still correct when this happened?

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Press the CID key (see image -click on image to enlarge for better viewing) to view the numbers of the last 50 received calls. Use the Up and Down keys to scroll thru the list. The Down key scrolls through the list from the newest to the oldest entries and the Up key scrolls from the oldest to the newest entries.

Of course there will only be numbers listed if you have a Calling Number Display option for your phone service set up with your phone provider. It is a subscription service.

If you have more than one handset, only one handset can access the list at a time.

The handset will also display how many calls have come in since you last viewed the list.

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Thank you! Would have never thought to press that button. :)

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thanks.. it worked!

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