The 2014 version of the Galaxy Note 10.1", running a Exynos 5 processor and 3 Gb of ram. Released October 2013.

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Enable to charge the tablet!

Hi Everyone ,

First of all, sorry for my bad english !

I'm writing you regarding my tablet galaxy note 10.1 2014 version.

Since 2 weeks , I'm not enable to charge my Tablet.

Please find below the tests that I have done :

1- The tablet off : detect the charger. But doesn't charge ( after a while discharges)

2- The Tablet On : doesn't detect the charger, so it doesn't charge

  • I tried more than 3 chargers that work with another tablets. Even with the PC USB it doesn't work.

Then :

1- I changed the USB connector . Model Nappe Dock Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for Edition 2014 SM-P600 / SM-P605 => Nothing changed.

2- I chaned teh Battery ( Original samsung). => nothing changed.

3- I tried a hard reset ( reset factory + wipe cache ...etc) => nothing changed !

I managed to charge my battery on another tablet to try if the other fonctions are ok ( Cam, Wifi, Screen, sound, display, SD Card ..etc) Everything is okay....Except the Charging part !

I have a multimeter if needed, to test the charging circuit, but I don't know how to do it, or where to test

I'm running out of ideas ! Could you please help me ?

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Hi Every one,

Anyone could help me on this issue please ? :(

I tried to search on the internet how to verify with a multimeter , the charging circuits, but I didn't find anything usefull ! ( not an expert in electronics ...).

is it a problem related to the motherboard ?

Thank you very much for your help !



I have the same problem. I did everything that you did and I am thinking it might be the motherboard. Trying to get the answer to this is not easy. Keep me posted and I will do the same


Does the tablet draw any amps from the usb power cable? Check by set your multimeter to amperage mode and cut open only one power wire of the usb cable and stick the black probe on one and red probe on the other side.


Hakim! Did it work With the black charger? If so, can you link to a Picture of the charger? Would be grateful


Hello, no it didn't work .... :(. I ordered a black charger few months ago but nothing... I'm not sure if the one that I ordered is an original (even if it was marked " Original Samsung" ). So ... I'm still looking for a solution.

Otherwhise, do you have a link to find a real Original charger ?

Thanks guys !


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I encounted a similar issue with the P605's and N8000 models i do alot of for a company here.

Samsung havent released a firmware update for v3.3 since 10th August 2015.

Then on 9th September they brought out v5.1.1 and then 26th September they ditched v5.1.1 and brought out v4.1.1 (

Since then we've had numerous tablets come in with charging problems very similar to what your having, which we were able to solve by either using the original BLACK charger ( the white ones dont work ), or modifying a cheap usb ammetre and replicating the resistance on the data pins to what the black charger has, then charging the tablet off that. (tricks the tablet into thinking your using an original black charger)

other then that. .. buy a new tablet, cos you cant buy those black chargers anywhere anymore. Samsung has discontinued them. Nobody at samsung seems to have any ideas about this, ive spoken to numerous people who 'should' know, but they just say to use the new 'white' power supplys, which don't work.

Find the original black power supply, or modify a usb ammeter, or buy a new tablet!

Kinds regards,


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(For the love of Mike).... your right. It worked. I can't believe it.

I have 3 Samsung tablets 2014 Limited Edition that I changed the batteries on and only one needs the Black Charger.


Good to hear mate!


Hi, I found a black charger for Samsung Tablet on the net, and I ordred it.

I hope it will work for me also !

Anyway, thank you very much for your support guys !!!



Hakim - Did it work???


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Hi. Francois here

I dug up my very old black Samsung charger and it did the trick for me. Thanks for the assistance

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Get a new charger or Go to a service center and replace the charging panel

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Personally, I see the port as a huge design flaw! The USB charging cable plugs into a shallow port and any movement creates slack or shifting, reducing the firm (original) hold. A deeper port or even a wireless charging unit would be optimum because playing games drains the battery and requirement tethered to an electrical outlet and a 6 foot cord...not fun!

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I had a charging problem with my Samsung Note 2014 edition. It started taking about 2-3 days to charge and discharged in about 20 minutes before the fix. Now it charges fully in less than 2 hours and lasts about 8 with heavy usage.

I am not a professional repair person, but I noticed when I took the back off of the tablet that the ribbon cable was loose. I removed the back to get the numbers off the battery because I assumed my battery was bad and I was going to get a replacement.

The ribbon that I am referring to is the wide one that comes from the charging port and across the back of the battery and into the motherboard using a flip bar type connector.

I thought it wouldn't harm the tablet to try to make the connection tighter. So I raised the flip bar and pushed the ribbon in further. Replaced the cover and it charged quickly.

A couple of weeks later I ran into the same charging problem. When I removed the back, the ribbon cable was loose again. I decided to hot glue it into place (avoiding the circuitry of the motherboard). It's been fine for a few months now.

P.S. My tablet came with the white 2.0A charger. It worked fine initially, and it works fine now that I fixed the cable.

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