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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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Bootloop + no pc connection usb


After trying to install a custom rom to my nexus 7 it just get's in boot loop. I was then gonna reset it to factory rom. 5.1.1 and while doing "fastboot -w update" the USB cable accidently got ripped out while updating. So everything lost connection and now i am stucked with a boot loop on google logo and I cana not get into the nexus 7 via USB. I get that the device is connected but not under the My PC folder.

As you can see in this image:

Hope some1 can help me.


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So have you tried going into bootloader and flashing the file again via ADB or does that not work?

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my did this,,

press on button at the sametime press volume down button.

use volume to select bottom option.

now press power button and volume up button.

on the screen press volume to select factory reset.

mine is now sorted

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