Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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After a day, doesnt turn on and battery doesnt charge

After a day , my macbook does not charging and do not turn on .

Magsafe charger is always on Green.

Button battery status blink one led for five seconds.

I tried SMC reset.

I tried PRAM reset.

i tried some procedure on youtube videos like:

1) remove battery and try power on with only charger

2) press power button for 5 sec and try connect the charger


for two times it turned on for little sec, like 1 sec on sound of starting, and 1 on load logo, and turn off.

here where i live cost around $65 only to see whats problem is..

what can i do to try repair?

i have 1 ssd 120gb kingston for OS

i have 1 HD 320gb for backup and archive on CD-ROM slot

i have 8gb (2x4GB) Corsair memory.

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I had removed the battery and left the macbook without charger about 3 days.

today, i replaced my battery and my macbook become to charge and power on.

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You state "after a day", but not really what. Sounds like you changed the battery. What was going on before that? As for the $65, correct diagnostics requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Figuring out the problem can be the major time consuming part of a repair. When you go to the doctors office he charges for that time, knowledge and tests, why do you think a computer diagnostician should give it away for free?

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My macbook is programmed to start 6am and shutdown 11pm.

after a day, it doesnt start.

$65 here is 28% of minimal salary, I dont want a free diagnostic, i want a fair price.

I'm from Brazil.

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i tried now to start without:

HDs Cable,

Camera Cable,

Left Speaker Cable,

battery status Cable,

backlight Cable,

keyboard Cable,

Battery Cable,

still doesnt power on... :(


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