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Asus ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) is an Android smartphone manufactured by ASUS released March 2015.

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Firmware update major problem

I bought a Chinese ZenFone 2 off eBay and have had problems with most apps constantly asking for permission so I tried to update the firmware but it kept erroring so have checked what firmware I have and on the recovery screen it says cn but on the update page it says ww so I can not update the firmware have done a full hard reset twice and it's made no difference I really like this phone but the problems I am having are driving me mad, I just want to have apps that just work I'm not that technical and don't want to break my phone so can anyone help me

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This link may be of some help to you. Especially the section headed Change my firmware to WW or Change my Recovery to WW

Read it all through first though to understand what you may need to do.

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Thank you so much, i can not believe that i flashed my phone to the WW version and got all the updates and can now uninstall things i don't want and apps dont keep asking for permission, you made it so easy your an absolute star

- de

Hi @kittykat48

For a self confessed 'not that technical' person I'm glad that you weren't intimidated by the 'flashing' procedure and decided, as we say 'Down Under', to 'give it a go'. (translation = will attempt to do this)

Well done! Enjoy your phone.

- de

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