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Repair information for the Bose QuietComfort 2 acoustic noise-canceling headphones. Released in 2003. Model number: QC2.

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Battery spring is bent

battery spring is bent and does not cover end of battery, and makes clicking noise

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All you need is metal on metal contact. So if you have a broken pen then you can use a pen spring to put in-between the old spring and the battery that is if the pen spring isn't too large. You could also pull the battery spring and make it longer but it will deform it and it still might not work. What ever you do have fun with it.

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Hi John I got a solution if you know how to take the bent spring out. There is only one way that I know on how to find the right spring I do this a lot. I take the bad spring out of the device and then go to a hardware store and ask where are all the springs are. At my local hardware store they actually have trays full of different size springs and I match the new spring up with the old one. But on how to take the spring out of that device is beyond me. I wish I could help more but I don't know that much about working on good headphones sorry. I am sure someone can come in on my downfall and help you with that .

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