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Lanzado en 2013, el monitor de bebé DXR-5 contiene características como: Video - Un receptor - alcance de 150 pies - Señal digital de 2.4 GHz - Visión nocturna. Los números de parte existentes son B0052QYLUM y BBM1.

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Is there a way to replace the antenna wire on the monitor?

Hello! The antenna cover on the monitor snapped off and severed the antenna wire beneath it. Does anyone know if there is a way to replace the wire?

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Remove the battery

Remove the 2 screws located under the battery

Carefully, remove the clear plastic cover

Remove the 2 screws under the cover

Separate the blue and white housing pieces, exposing the antenna wire

Very carefully strip 0.54" of the insulation, exposing the wire mesh

Very carefully push the mesh towards end still attached to the monitor

This should create a bump making it possible to trim away the mesh without damaging the inner wire

Reassemble and test.

There is some math involved which will prevent this from working on anything other than a 5.4ghz antenna

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My antenna wire is broken off right above the metal shield that comes up through the case. This metal piece is crimped so that it can't slide up or down, so I am unable to expose any more wire. Can I cut below this shield and remove it completely, or is there another option to fix my antenna? Any help appreciated.

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I just fixed a friends antenna on the receiver/monitor. He broke the antenna plastic housing off of the unit along with the wire antenna. A metal shroud was left where the wire antenna was attached and goes into the monitor. All I had to do was solder a 3 inch 24 gauge insulated wire to the top of the metal shroud where the wire antenna broke off. He told me the unit has never worked better. I would have thought wire length would have matter but in this case it did not. Good Luck!

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