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El VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect es un gran dispositivo para niños, que cuenta con una cámara de 1,3 megapíxeles y 128 MB de almacenamiento interno.

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My computer cannot find the camera's driver?

My VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect will not work with my computer. I've looked online and can't seem to find a driver for my device, how can I get my device to be recognized by my computer?

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For those of you about to weed through all the comments below, I'd recommend saving yourself some time by getting a micro SD card reader. I tried everything below to no avail - but simply removing the card from the camera and using a usb card reader works fine. It's as if the PC recognizes the camera as a usb storage drive, but for whatever reason does not recognize the memory card IN the camera as the actual drive. There are no drivers, defective manufacturer cables, special cables, etc.

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I plugged in a decent usb cable and it connected to windows 10 with no issues. Was able to save pics vid and voice recordings from camera onto pc. so....

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I had to try 5 different USB cables to find one that works I could backup the internal memory files and now I've put a microSD to bypass this issue.

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Yeah i tried connecting with a USB micro cable and it didn't pick it up (Windows 10), then found the micro USB that was supplied with the camera and it works fine. Don't know what the difference is but there obviously is one (the majority of my cables are cheap chinese knock-offs!)

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I can confirm what @Leroy Bagwell said om 1/18/20. I tried a few different USB cables before I got it to work. They were all the USB Micro-B style, but two of them didn't work. The camera recognized it was plugged in, but Win10 didn't see it. I couldn't tell if they were cheap-o cables or not, just that it did work, but took a few different cables for it to work. Win10 found a driver on it's own and then it automagically worked. Transferred files w/o issue after that.

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If the PC is making no attempt to to connect to the camera, i.e. no indications on the taskbar that anything is happening when you connect the device:

1. Have you turned the device on (not trying to be smart just double checking)?

2. Have you tried a different USB cable?

If you have tried the above and it didn't work or it is like you say that it cannot find the device then and I'm not sure if this is correct but have you installed Vtech's Learning Lodge software in your PC? I'm wondering if this software has the 'drivers' in it.

I only mention this as my camera's (Canon) drivers were bundled in the 'picture browser' software that came with the camera.

Here is a link, click on Kidizoom Camera Connect icon.

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I can confirm the cable was my issue as well. I thought for sure it wasn't (until I read this thread) because I had already suspected that, and tried multiple cables on 4 different PC and Macs. Lo and behold the last cable I tried just magically worked. I guess it's possible the one they shipped was damaged in some way or not manufactured exactly per the USB specs and the other cables I had were simply power passthrough with no data channel and I didn't realize it.

Either way, it works now!

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I tried a different cable as well. I noticed that the little mini usb metal part at the end of the cable that worked was slightly longer. That might have something to do with it.

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we just got an action cam - unfortunately the USB cable supplied was the problem (i.e. after trying another one from an old Nokia - micro USB cable) the thing actually did connect, so I suggest trying that. It hadn't even worked with the software, which btw, the camera starting downloading automatically once properly connected. This is really p*ss poor on Vtech's behalf, as it just took about an hour of mucking about to fix something that should have just work ootb!!

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Hi People,

exactly the same pb with "old" vtech kidizoom with win10. Usb device not working. After some reading I've tried different cables and... some works and not others : so my advice is yes - try different cables !

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So the solution is to try a different usb cable?

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The VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect does not have a specific driver that can be found online. The driver software is the same as a USB 2.0 driver and should automatically load when the USB cord is properly connected to the camera and computer. Make sure you are running an operating system that is up to date and can recognize the USB 2.0 format.

Check out this link for more information Troubleshooting Page

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I have what I think is the older version of the camera. the body is light blue and the battery covers are dark blue.

I’ve tried multiple cables and the ones from my phone cause a USB icon to show up on the camera’s screen, suggesting they are working fine. My computer still doesn’t respond. The images are not on a SD card, but on the camera’s internal storage.

These linux users have figured out the problem and solution, it appears:

My 5yo has been collecting pictures for over a year and we really want to get these off the camera to print.

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I was having the same problem it shows up the VT SYSTEM when you connect the USB cable but cant access the SD card. Tried it on my old windows 7 PC with the same cable and it worked so the problem might be windows 10 and not the camera

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