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My CD/DVD drive just arbitrarily stopped working

This laptop is just a little over 3 years old - CD/DVD was working great then one day it just stopped playing CD/DVDs. When I go into the F drive, it says there is no CD/DVD ??

I've tried Microsoft 'FixIt' which did nothing and I also uninstalled/reinstalled the it , leaving the drivers then let the system find and reinstall.

Any ideas??

I've looked everywhere and am stumped :'(

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I assume you mean that you cannot 'play' DVDs or CDs .

Does the tray power in and out? Is the DVD/CD disc rotating in the drive when inserted?

If so it may just be that the laser lens in the DVD/CD drive is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Here is a link that shows how to do it. It is not for your exact model but it should be close enough to guide you.

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Hey there thanks for answering.

Yes starts to spin, then stops and won't play CD/DVDs.

The tray works fine.

I'll check out the link to clean it but someone told me I may need a new one installed. Cheaper to get a new laptop probably !

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Hi, Cleaning it is definitely the cheapest option. Besides which you've got nothing to lose by doing it.

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True! Thanks again for the link...getting ready to try it now.

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Well that didn't work BOO! I'm thinking I can take the CD/DVD from my husband's laptop - it's the same as mine except one year older. Are they interchangeable? Looks easy enough to remove/reinstall from what I've seen.

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Hi, By rights it should be alright if it is the same model. Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll to p.42-43, it details how to remove the drive. If it still doesn't work after replacement, scroll to p.63 it shows that there is an ODD (optical disc drive -DVD drive) connector cable in your laptop. Check that it is connected properly at both ends

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