My phone seems slow and its new

i just bought the phone yesterday and i feel that it moves to slow and i believe if its new it should work fine because its brand new.

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Past 7to41 days it’s not working how to use


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Try turning off the phone's internet connection. it may be that the pre-installed apps are trying to update themselves and are slowing the phone.

Go to Start > Settings > Wireless and Networks > more > Mobile Networks > Data Connection. Tap to enter, select off.

Be aware this will stop the phone's internet connection and also prevent you from getting MMS (texts with pictures) messages. SMS (ordinary texts) will still be OK and your phone will still work as a phone.

This method is a good way to control your 'data' download if you have a limited allocation on your plan.

Also if they are enabled, disable the phone's WiFi and Bluetooth features if you don't need them.

Go to Start > Settings > Wireless and Networks > WiFi and Start > Settings > Wireless and Networks >Bluetooth

This is just to see if the performance improves.

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hi. its because blu phones are typically budget phones. i had the grand m for a while as a cheap phone between proper decent phones and found that its 512mb ram is way too small. it struggled to run even some of the most common apps like snapchat and instagram not to mention playing any sort of game was not an option.

basically it doesnt have the power to run itself with only 512mb of ram and other blu phones are similar in their lacking ram sizes

hope this helps

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