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Una batidora de mano de 5 velocidades lanzada en 2012. Esta batidora incluye batidoras, pero soporta varios accesorios, incluyendo un batidor y un gancho para masa.

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Beaters keep falling out!

Every time I try to mixes anything harder than average beaters fall out of the mixer after a few seconds of working. Is there anything I can do to make them stay in the mixer (no I don't press the eject button accidentally).

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I have bought 2 of them and the same thing happened both times. The beaters made a funny sound like they were hitting each other. Then quit working. One I used for awhile and the 2nd one I only used about 1 time. Will never buy this again.

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My beaters keep falling off too. Disappointed in Staten Island, NY.

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I've only used mine 1 other time and it's already doing this for me as well. I went to use for a second time after just buying it and one beater kept coming out. Will never get this brand again!

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When you plug your beaters make sure you can hear a “click” noise that assures they are plugged in all the way. If there is no noise when you stick the beaters all the way, the tabs could be broken. Examine the beaters for damage to the tabs, replace the beaters if necessary. If everything is good with the beaters, the mixer’s spring that holds the beaters could be damaged and it will need to be replaced.

Check out the section on beaters falling out on the KitchenAid KHM512ER Troubleshooting Page .

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