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Released in 2013 as a budget smartphone in three models/variants, the Idol features a 4.7-inch IPS LCD panel, 1 GHz dual-core processor, and an 8 MP camera. Includes models 6030A or OT-6030A, 6030X or OT-6030X, and 6030Dual-sim or 6030N.

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crashed and went into a boot loop sequence for a few hour

I bought the Alcatel Idol 3 (5.5") in September 2015 and approximately a month ago it crashed and went into a boot loop sequence for a few hours. I managed to connect it to my computer and the loop became less frequent and I was able to back up all my media. I was ready to perform a hard factory reset but I thought I'd wait a few more hours and see what happens before I do it. It eventually just rebooted and ceased the boot loop sequence and became fully operational again so I did nothing and it was all good. I presumed it may have been due to a change of voltage or current as I was in South East Asia when this happened so I didn't worry too much.Then approximately a week and a half later the same thing happened, I again managed to back up my media and again thought I'd wait and see if it stopped itself. Again, it stopped and became operational once again. Then again today, approx. 2 weeks after the last boot loop it's happened again. It's extremely frustrating, also the battery is non removable which is a ridiculous feature to have on any electronic device, although I know Apple operate this way, which also makes them ridiculous! I might try and factory reset it this time, although I don't have much faith in this as I'm reading answers above that this doesn't solve the issue. Aghhh.

I think it is a poorly made phone, I bought it at a gamble as I had heard nothing about it. My advice is to just never buy Alcatel again and take it as a knock on the chin and a lesson in life.

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I have the exact same problem with my Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 but with mine my front notification light is still on and wont turn on. I need help asaaaaaapppp!!!

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Hi kellymaker

Try the following:

Back up your phone. perform a factory reset, restore your phone.

If it still does not perform normally, as it is less than 6 months old contact the manufacturer's customer service section (or do as the Warranty section in the User Guide that came with the phone says to do), regarding a warranty claim for repair/replacement.

The only way that the manufacturer knows about problems is if people tell them, especially during the warranty period. (which, as long as you have adhered to your side of the warranty agreement, forces them to listen and act at least in regard to your problem) Even if they give you a new phone that might be the same it has cost them and that's what they really listen to!

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