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This page is intended for the Asus TF300T tablet released May of 2012. The Android operating system allows for users to use the tablet for multiple tasks.

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ASUS Task manager widget shows open apps not being used- why?

Even when I am not connected on wifi, when I launch 1 app, and later go to my home screen, the Task Manager widget will show that several other apps have also opened by themselves. Some games can consume a lot of memory as displayed on the Task Manager. This can be especially frustrating when trying to watch a video on MX Player, as it freezes and stutters. How can I prevent extraneous apps from self launching and consuming resources.

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You can check ,if you open each app that you don't wish to 'go online', that in the settings area of each app if there is an option to disable auto update for that app. That should stop it wanting to update every time you go online.

Also in the Security Settings of the tablet (menu > settings > security), check in the Auto Start Management tab and the App Permissions tab to see if there are settings which allow you to control the apps behaviour.

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