Replacing only the digitizer


My girlfriend's Desire 816 screen cracked a while ago. Since the repair costs were way too high, I decided to try and fix it myself.

Because the LCD itself is not damaged, and even the repair shop said they would only need to replace the digitizer, that's what I bought online for a few bucks.

Now, all the repair videos I see on YouTube for this specific model are about replacing the whole screen/digitizer assembly. I only found this video:

But it's not an 816... So, here's my question: Is replacing the digitizer on a 816 the same (mechanically speaking, at least) as the 610? I can see how to disassemble the phone up to the screen sandwich, but I need to know if the process of separating/replacing the glass is the same/comparable to the video I've found.

Also, if someone has any other resources I could find useful before I risk my balls and screw up the phone, that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance,



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