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Screen bulging and now completely black

Hello I have an iPhone 5c, have had it about a year and the other day the screen went completely black and now shows nothing, as in it appears completely powered off, yet I still get sounds and vibrations as if the phone is on. The screen was pushed out of the frame in the top left corner and was starting too spread to the right corner, so I had a feeling it was the battery bulging. I have taken it apart and taken the screen off, but as far as I know the battery looks okay. Not 100% sure what too look for when it comes too battery bulges though. Anyone have any other ideas as too what could be causing this? Should I replace the battery, screen, or both?

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I just plugged it into my computer and it won't even connect, the computer doesent even recognize that it was plugged in, surely it would at least recognize wouldentn it?


Vibrates when plugged in but nothing on screen now. That's a display error isn't it?


Has it worked for you? Same problem, however I'm not sure it's the battery, it looks fine. No bulging or anything. However screen is popping out slowly and phone will work only with heavy pressure applied on the right upper corner. What should I look for? Anyone?


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Replace the battery. It has gone bad and is swelling and pushing the screen out.

Here's the part and tools you'll need:

iPhone 5c Replacement Battery

Here's how to do it: iPhone 5c Battery Replacement

Imagen iPhone 5c Replacement Battery


iPhone 5c Replacement Battery


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Mine did the same thing, so I replaced the battery. Now after a few minutes, it gets warm to the touch and shows a black screen with thin red lines, then starts a constant reboot.

Any ideas?

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