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The LG G pad 10.1 was released in July of 2014 with model number LG-V700. This Android powered tablet is designed to compete with other high-end Android tablets at a more reasonable price.

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tablet screen repair price

i need to repair my screen

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What question do you have relating to the repair?

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roger lamare, complete display assemblies are around $100USD at places like this and many others. Here is the guide for it so you can do it yourself. total cost = ~$100USD

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Weve done a few and ebay is the best place to get them so far!

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How difficult it is to replace yourself? I looked at the guide and it appeared to be relatively simple. Looking at a scale of 1 (being easiest) and 10 (being most difficult)? Thanks so much.

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Hi, If you have the appropriate tools and are patient and remain calm when things don't go to plan then if you have never tried this before I would rate it about a 6. Nerves come into play as you may not be to sure (understandably) how much force to use for example and you do not wish to cause more problems. The trick is to STOP, think it through, review the instructions and then calmly start again, do not keep going at it under stress. Walk away if you have to, grab a coffee etc., and then come back when you feel more able to handle it again

It's like anything you do, practice makes perfect. The more you do it the easier.

Changing a screen for most people (hopefully) is a one time event.

I also think that it is prudent to disconnect the battery connection from the tablet once you have it open and before you begin anything else. The connection is visible in Step 4 of the guide. Either grab the connector to gently pull it out or pry it loose, do not pull on the wires as you may pull them out of the connector itself.

With it disconnected, if you inadvertently 'drop' something onto the board (it happens) or touch something that you shouldn't, then at least it has no power connected and you will cause no electrical damage only possibly mechanical damage to the components (broken or cracked etc) which is more obvious to detect.

Do not forget to reconnect it, which naturally you should do to test your repair before you finally re-assemble the tablet.

Good luck with the repair. You'll no doubt have no problems. ;-)

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