El Sony Xperia Z3 es un smartphone lanzado en 2014, conocido por su larga duración de bateria y su durabilidad.

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Can I reuse undamaged back cover?

So essentially I got a Z3 for pretty cheap (200 Euro) however the camera lens is full of dirt which makes the photos come out kind of bad. I was wondering if I could remove the back cover, clean the lens and use new back cover adhesive but keep the same glass cover?

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Absolutely! Just be careful not to damage when removing. It is adhered to the back of the phone and cracks easily. I would use plenty of heat and have plenty of patience when removing the back. I would also check ifixit for a guide, or youtube!

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Thanks I'm going to go order the adhesive tonight.


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I would recommend replacing the entire back glass after removing it.

They are dirt cheap to buy and saves cleaning it/adding new adhesive.

You can probably buy the back glass with adhesive not much more then the actual adhesive.

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