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Graphical issues when driver is installed


I built my computer roughly a year and a half ago and after getting a proper GPU installed (My now installed AMD R9 280X MSI 6GB edition) I have had absolutely no issues with my rig up until the day before yesterday. While playing Elite: Dangerous my screen suddenly distorted, the color showing pink/purple streaks randomly all over the screen, persisting after I closed the game. After MANY troubleshooting steps (Which I will list as many as I can remember below shortly) I have come to the conclusion that it is related to the driver. When I install ANY version of an AMD gpu driver (Farthest back was from 2013 so far) the graphical issue returns and persists through any amount of resets. Upon uninstalling (Simple uninstall and full clean uninstalls) the screen returns to normal, but I can no longer game due to lacking a proper driver. If any other suggestions or methods can be found, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Image of the issue

To aid in quickening any assistance I've listed everything I've tried below.


Safe mode

Uninstalling in safe mode

Reinstalling in safe mode

Clean uninstalling AMD drivers with AMD and 3rd part tools

Memory checks

Installing 8 different driver versions

Cleaning the GPU

Reseating the GPU

Cleaning the whole computer

Checking for any breaks on the circuit board (none)

Unplugging and plugging in my monitor

Using different monitors/tvs (Problem persists, UPDATE: Only the TV gets a bad distortion (9/10), when plugged in the distortion on the monitor is reduced (2/10) to blue discoloring on black).

Turning off as many startup services as I can manage

Disabling anti virus through the above steps when applicable

Running any and everything related to uninstalling and installing in administrator mode when optional

Unplugging my computer after turning it off, then leaving it unplugged overnight

Leaving the computer on overnight

Virus scans (Plural)

Rootkit scans

Unplugging everything from my computer, then plugging in


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Did you try installing the drivers that were working before and doing a system restore to before the problems started?


Hello jayeff, yes I tried installing the drivers that last worked, and for some reason my computer had no restore points so I could not do a system restore. I fear that might be the only fix, and I am unable to do it. Thank you for bringing that up.


Hi Jayjay,

I suppose you have no system image backups either?


Sadly I do not, something that's kicking me in the rear right now. No matter how much I tweak software/settings I can't get the card to work with any drivers. Maybe it's fried?


are you running AMD Catalyst Software if so what kinds of temp is you card running . this could be a cooling issue. Do you have another video card you can test in the machine?


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Hi Jayjay,

Lot of work, but can you install a new HDD (take out your old HDD (temporarily) with just the OS (you said you built it so you must have the discs) install the last known working properly GPU drivers and load the program that you want to run. If it works your card is OK

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