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La más grande de las computadoras portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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After spill: needs to be connected to charger to simply turn on

I spilled a bit of water onto my keyboard a little less than a year ago. After the incident I flipped over the Mac and let it dry for a week or so.

Everything worked except for the battery. My Mac simply will never turn on unless the charger is connected to it. If the charger falls out, the Mac shuts off.

Now I've managed to work like this for so long, but my other problem is the battery does not actually recharge, so its been going from 100% and gradually dropping. Now its at 10% and it can only decrease so I am wondering how I can fix it.

I've been to Apple, those cons want to charge me over $700 just to replace the battery, they say its connected to the trackpad or something as such. They did not open it. I also went to MicroCenter and they gave me a quote of "several hundred" but never given an exact amount. They also did not open my computer.

How can I fix this on my own? I've seen mid 2013 videos for battery replacements and the battery doesn't seem to be connected to the trackpad or keyboard or anything.

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You could give Ammar's solution a try to start things off.

I suspect you have a more serious problem here. You see the charging circuit has failed. Often when I see this symptom the MOS-FET's & comparator logic have been damaged from shorting out from the liquid.

Apple would likely not fix your system any ways as it has liquid damage. I would recommend you find someone with a good board level repair skills.

You could try cleaning up the corrosion on the logic board with some isopropyl alcohol. Follow this IFIXIT guide on taking the logic board out: MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Logic Board Replacement. Using a toothbrush carefully scrub the damaged areas. Became you don't pull off any of the small components. Once the board is clean give it a try to see if thats all it needed. Otherwise its time for the logic board repair or replacement,

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1.remove all cable

2.remove battery

3.hold power button 2 minutes

4.put charger

5.and hold power button 2 minutes {NOTE: step 5 only do when you plugged charger and tab not on if you put charger and tab is on don't do anything only put battery}

6.put battery

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I'm not sure doing an SMC reset will do much to fix things here: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac.

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