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Aporte original por: Dan ,


You could give Ammar's solution a try to start things off.

I suspect you have a more serious problem here. You see the charging circuit has failed. Often when I see this symptom the MOS-FET's & comparator logic have been damaged from shorting out from the liquid.

Apple would likely not fix your system any ways as it has liquid damage. I would recommend you find someone with a good board level repair skills.

You could try cleaning up the corrosion on the logic board with some isopropyl alcohol. Follow this IFIXIT guide on taking the logic board out: [guide|15388|MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Logic Board Replacement]. Using a toothbrush carefully scrub the damaged areas. Became you don't pull off any of the small components. Once the board is clean give it a try to see if thats all it needed. Otherwise its time for the logic board repair or replacement,