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Controlador inalámbrico Nintendo Gamecube WaveBird DOL-004: lanzado en 2002, WaveBird es compatible con las consolas de juegos Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U y Nintendo Switch.

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I accidentally messed up the contacts in the receiver of the wavebird

Do you guys know how I can fix them? My wavebird is too valuble, I need it fixed.

I am willing to open up the reciver, but I'm not sure what to replace the contacts with, if they need replacement.

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I've fixed it now, and without a single triwing!

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Sorry for taking so long to answer. I finally got around (to trying) to fix it.

I have no triwings [my dad won't buy any :( ] so I brute forced my way in.

the part I messed up was the contacts inside the joypad plug.

so I cut off the cord of a broken game cube controller, but there are more than 4 cords in the cable. What is what? (I also don't have a soldering iron, I plan to duct tape em together, which has worked for me before lolz)

Also, I'm honored a member of Hackmii would help me.

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Are there only 4 contacts being used in the Wavebird? I've been fixing my gamecube controllers (haven't opened my Wavebird yet, but I did go to Frye's and spring for the $20 set of screwdrivers that contain the triangular one it requires) and have been poorly mapping out the contacts. It looks like there should be 3 that have some resistance to ground (somewhere between 1k ohm and 100k ohm), one that seems open, and the rest are ground (two wires and the shiled, but in some controllers it seems that one of the two wires might not go to ground), but I'm having a hard time confirming that since i'm working with many different brands of controllers and colors of wire... I hope you solved your problem, and i really hope you found someone with a soldering iron... ; )

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If you're handy with a soldering iron, you may be able to fix this by soldering a cable from a normal controller into the receiver. What part did you break, specifically? Can you point it out on one of the pictures in the teardown?

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