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  1. This is the connector side of the WaveBird receiver.
    • This is the connector side of the WaveBird receiver.

    • Remove two tri-wing screws, and separate the black and gray halves of the receiver.

  2. Remove four tri-wing screws to remove the connector from the housing.
    • Remove four tri-wing screws to remove the connector from the housing.

    • Insert wisdom here.

    • Red: 3.43V logic supply (pin 1 on cable)

    • Brown: Ground (pin 3 on cable)

    • Green: Data (pin 2 on cable, recessed by 2mm into connector)

    • Violet: Shield (pin 4 on cable)

    • The PCB has a metal RF shield that protects the radio from interference from the game console; this extends the useful range of the controller.

    • One half of the shield is held on with friction clips; the other half must be desoldered.

    • The IC is a custom (or relabeled) Nintendo chip marked "WCRX-DOL / T2.7488K1". ("Wireless Controller Receiver - Dolphin"). It is presumably a microcontroller that decodes signals from the radio and sends them to the console.

    • This 4-pin connector goes to the joypad connector on the GameCube.

    • Desolder these four points to remove the shield and expose the radio on the other side.

    • The bottom side has all the RF circuitry -- the chip is a Nintendo chip marked "WR-DOL / H2102 / CG2710 / 02", presumably the radio.

    • EPCOS X6882 custom bandpass filter

    • Trim-pot for adjustment at the factory -- could be a frequency tweak or gain adjustment.

    • The rotary switch allows the user to choose a frequency to avoid interference with other devices.

    • The antenna is mounted directly on the PCB, inside the device.


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Hello. I have 2 receivers that only have three pins. Just below the Data pin there is nothing there...not as your pictures show. I bought a wavebird on ebay and it wont work. How can both of my receivers be missing a pin? I treat them like gold because I know these are not manufactured by Nintendo anymore. So it looks like the 2mm into connectors are missing. What? How?

cllonyx - Contestar

The Wavebird receiver only needs 3.3volts, data and ground to operate so that's why there is only 3 pins.

If you gave more details on whats happening it would be much easier to diagnose the problem.

Ivan -

My receiver is dead I think. The controller is perfectly fine but the receiver light won't even come on. Any suggestions how to resurrect this receiver?

Stan Roy - Contestar

Hello Stan!

I have opened the receiver and scratched the antena (in step 7) with a screwdriver because I saw it was very dark and some black dust came off. Now it works like new.

I also have found that some receivers won't work on the first port if they're on high frequencies and have no trouble if you dial down to the first five positions. I have no idea why but it works.

All the best!!

Fer -

So i was playing some games with my wavebird controller and went the morning after that for a couple of day on vacation. As soon as i came back i turned my gamecube on, but the Wavebird isnt working anymore. Tried out all the channels and ports, but the Receiver light wont light up anymore when i press a button. How do i fix this?

Fer mentioned earlier i need to scratch around my antenna in step 7. Does this really work?

Daniel6254 - Contestar

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