Quadcopter with pre-installed camera gimbal, 4K video camera, and wireless video transmission.

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No live view from iPhone

Everything is working except I cannot get a live view to show on my iPhone. I can take photos and videos , they do show in my photos.

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wifi module as far as I can tell its inside the bird. im going through the same thing. but for android. the part is about 200.00$

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It's most likely the controller. There is a little silver box in the the inside of the controller (see image *credits to Lilly K)

It's the wireless module. It can go out due to age and a replacement of it can resolve the issue.

Let me know if that resolves the issue

Jason and Lilly

Block Image

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That's not the Wi-Fi module. It's in the aircraft.


I agree, mine did that after a crash you should check for loose connections inside the aircraft, drone works flies everywhere, takes pictures when the camera button is pressed but no live pictures tells me bad connection camera. in the mine body or wifi in camera bad.


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