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A tablet released by Hisense in 2014, identified by model number E2281.

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Screen has white static then freezes with colored lines

Hi. My hisense sero 8 screen gets white staticy lines (like an old TV with radio interference) then it just gets colored lines. Sometimes blue screen with white lines and sometimes black with multiple colored lines. It just freezes like this. Turning it off and on helps for a minute, then the same thing happens.

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Hi, I have the same problem too. I bought one, liked the Sero 8 tablet so much, I bought another. The first one started to malfunction with horizontal lines, phasing in and out. The second unit after a few on and off sessions, started to phase in and out with horizontal and vertical lines. So it is obviously that these units are defective. I bought my two tablets from Monoprice. What makes it worse is that I also bought cases and likely will have to dump them. If I was rich it would not be a problem. Waste of money and more headaches. Good luck with your situation.

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HiSense Sero 8: Screen has white static then freezes with colored lines

Hi All,

In the end I decided to return the two defective tables with the erratic lines problem back to the online retailer I bought them from. They covered the shipping. The new tables had different lot-batch-numbers, denoting later manufactured units. The new replacements have thus far worked flawlessly!!! No problems whatsoever.

Thanks to Monoprice for customer service and HiSense for correcting the problem.

I am happy now.

And special thanks to the FixIt site.

- de

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Hi. My Sero 8 seems to be working OK right now. Last time the lines started (two weeks ago) the tablet was plugged in and I wiggeld the connection and they went away. Hisense says to restart to factory spec, instructions under troubleshooting in owners manual. Hope that helps. Jim.

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I did the factory reset on the Hisense Sero 8 and the lines still flashes once in a while. This is from the second tablet. The first tablet the lines would stay on for very long periods and then go off. You might have a better unit that is not so affected.

- de


I would check and see if your warranty period is still valid. If so, contact Hisense regarding a warranty claim. Here is a link regarding their warranty,

- de

Hi Jay, I only have had both tablets for 3 weeks now. To send each one back to Hisense is going to cost me about $15. So I rather cut my losses and get a refund and look for something else. I really liked the Hisense Sero 8 -- that is why I am so unhappy!!! It's like a ghost in the unit. It looks like there is a faulty part inside it that is sporadically interfering with screen power. :-(

- de

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