Why is my screen black?

Hi, Turned my laptop on this morning but the screen doesn't turn on. The computer powers up, light comes on, fan spins and everything. Have tried multiple fix's bios flash, new ram, new motherboard, have also tried on external monitor and tested battery. Any ideas on what is wrong or how to fix it (if possible) please respond.

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Since you have had it open, and tried a different motherboard you may wish to try the following. Try using an external monitor with the LCD screen disconnected from the motherboard? See if you get a display. Just wondering if it is a LCD screen/cable fault that is inhibiting the video.

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So when you used a external monitor it was still blank?

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Thank you so much jayeff. Tried using external with lcd disconnected from motherboard. Not quite fixed but their is a picture saying i need to insert boot disc hopefully after that it should be fixed so thanks again!

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have you turned it on and shined a bright light on it, to see if the backlight isnt coming on ?

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