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Modelo A1278 /Procesador 2.4 o 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo de mediados de 2010

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Cleaning the fan -- is this lint or foam?

I was cleaning the fan of my computer this evening. When I took the fan out, some black stuff came out from the space where the fan meets the heat sink that looks like it is either lint or foam. Here are pictures:

Block Image

Block Image

Is this foam? Is there supposed to be foam there? (I can't tell from the repair/tear down pictures.) If so, where can I get replacement foam? It tore apart as I took it out.

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Who ever cleans you house seems to do it often. These machines are like vacuum cleaners. If you clean a lot the dust is in the air and your ~Mac just sucks it in. That is not foam.

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