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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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disc tray wont open sometimes HELP

MY disc tray wont open sometimes unless i tap the top an it wont open standing up at all Help me i took it apart to clean laser

when it wouldnt read discs but the tray sticks anybody please HELP ME thanks

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happened to me two, but last time i unassembled my old xbox it didnt work anymore and i put it back as it should be. any tips on not takeing aprt and making disc try move?

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Mine was doing the same thing so I took it apart. The upper stabilizer is magnetized & was holding onto the drive wheel too tight. I put a disc in & as long as it always has a disc inserted it opens & closes just fine. Odd huh?????

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The drive belt is losing elasticity. You will need to buy a replacement belt (worst case scenario).

Alternatively you can try this:

1) Take the drive belt out (black rubber band-like belt)

2) Put it in a cup of boiling water for 1 minute

3) Take the drive belt out and immediately immerse it into ice cold water. Remove it and pat it dry with a paper towel

4) Before you put everything back together, put some masking tape on the plastic disc on the inside of the top of the dvd drive cover. This plastic disc mates with the spindle/motor which spins your discs.

The tape will weaken the pull from the magnet. The hot/cold treatment will make the drive belt shrink a little bit and give you slightly more tension. Doing this + the masking tape works 9/10 times.

UPDATE: I've found a suitable replacement for the drive belts--orthodontic bands. Get the medium sized ones which will give you about 6 oz of pull/resistance.

You can get them from a dentist or buy them at the pharmacy. They cost $2-3 for 100 bands.

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The drive belt is the reason, as stated by pure3d2. The hot/cold water treatment will work short term. I don't recommend taping the magnet. The drive belts can be found ebay for next to nothing. The Ortho bands may work, but you don't need 100 of them and you should replace the worn out band with a new original band.

- de

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you may have over tightned something when you put it back together when you cleaned the laser. so my suggestion would be to tear it back down and take apart the disc drive again....while you are in there check for an dust or hair that may be caught in gears or anything on the inside then put it back together being very careful not to over tighten or under tighten anything.

Good Luck

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The above are good things to try. You may also consider opening the drive and blowing compressed air into it, particularly around the rails and gears. Make sure the disk drive points down for this process so dust can fall out instead of just re-settle inside.

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