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El ¨PSP 3000¨ fue lanzado en los Estados Unidos, el 15 de Octubre de 2008.

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Why cant I connect to internet.. not supported

Trying to use my cellphone hotspot is WPA2 PSK but reads its not supported .is there a way to make it work or all PSP are the same in wi/fi connection .I have psp3001

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I try to connect to my Belkin router on my lap 3000 and it says "A connection error has ocurred"... and so on. I tried with xfinity WiFi and it connects. But now I can't connect to wpa2

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The info in this link may be relevant to your problem

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Put I'm trying to use my 4GLTE smartphones hotspot because its all I have to use.I had a wi/fi gateway before but cancel .

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What brand/model is your smartphone?

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I need help too

My internet ain't workin in my WEP WIFI

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Router at my house can you help? Be very thanks ful if u do :)

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My internet connection used to be supported by my PSP, but for some reason it's not anymore. What's going on there?

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