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Released in June 23, 2013, the Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5206 is equipped with Windows 8 for all your portable computing needs.

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Why does my power buttton not turning on my laptop.

When i try to turn on my Toshiba Satellite c55d-A5381 with the power button it does not turn on but as i plug on my power adaptor it instantly turns on and as soon as i removes the adaptor it shuts off. What is the problem with it?

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What does your DCin / Battery Indicator light (1st light from left, group of 3 lights on right front edge of laptop) show when you have the power adapter connected and switched ON?

Amber = charging

White = Fully charged

No light = Battery not charging or other condition

If amber light is on check battery status either by clicking the battery icon on the Taskbar or

via the Battery Status in the Windows Mobility Center window.

If low allow time for battery to charge.

It will charge quicker if you shut down the PC but leave the power adapter connected and ON. Check that the amber light is still ON when you do this. Light should change to White when fully charged. If it never changes it is either a faulty battery or faulty battery charging circuit

If no light it is either a faulty battery or faulty battery charging circuit

Check that the battery is installed properly - consult user manual if unsure

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