Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Why does you replacement screen only have two cables?

I am replacing the LCD in my Iphone 6 plus and was looking to replace with one of yours. I am curious why your screen only has two connector Ribbons? As far as I can see you can not remove any of the ribbons from the screen its self.

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mine is a 6s plus actually but has 3 connectors but same thing;-

replacements only have 2


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The screen itself only has 2 cables (1 for LCD, 1 for digitizer). There are a total of 4 cables on the display assembly, 2 of them will have to be transferred over to the new screen. If you follow the below guide you will see these cables and the parts that need to be transferred over (Step 16 - Step 33)

iPhone 6 Plus Front Panel Replacement

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Thank you. I found out one is for the speaker and the other is for the home button. My home button ribbon cable is ripped and think thats what needs replaced. But would that case random white line going through my display?


A ripped cable on your home button would not cause a white line on the LCD. If you see a white line, unplug the screen and plug it back it in, make sure its plugged in all the way. If you still see a white line sounds like the LCD is broke. If you need a new home button flex cable, that is not good. Those are programmed to work with the logic board, which means TouchId wont work and if you try to update the software on the phone without the original button you will get error 53, causing the phone unusable.


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