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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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Airport Extreme card replacement

How do I replace the Airport Extreme card?

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The Airport card is located in the Display Clutch cover, remove the Display panel from the main body, and then removed the clutch cover, you will be able to see the card at that point.

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Hey Matthewfrey. Glad you are back and sorry about the past. You were right and I was not. Great work and again glad your back.

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Hey, Mactech, frey's answer is over a year old

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I managed to replace my Airport card and the antennae portion of the card too. The job was actually pretty straight forward and simple. If anyone wants any pointers please drop me a line.

I plan to recreate it and take step-by-step photos. There are lots of great video guides online, particularly on iFitIt.xom but none that demonstrate what to do with the Airport card.

The only pain is that my wireless is now only working intermittently. It think it's a problem with the replacement card (used) I bought online, I'm trying to find a brand new one to try out now. If that it's the solution, then it might be my logic board. Airport can now see that I have an airport card installed but it can't detect any wireless networks. Then today, all of a sudden, it did see the networks, then it didn't. Did, didn't, did, didn't. That says to me it's a bad connection somewhere?

Anyway... I've resorted to paying Apple $107 to replace the card with a new one and let them sort it out. I've lost a week of my life doing this! :)

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