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Why did my tv quit working?

I have a less than two year old Magnavox slim led smart tv that just quit working all together won't even turn on tried different plugins not the problem.

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What is the model number of your TV? You can usually find the model number on the back of TV or sometimes on the side. I would guess there is an issue with the power supply board in the TV.

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This fixed my tv today as well... Thank you.

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I tried all of the above solutions, in addition to another extended phone conversation with a Comcast Service tech. This box was replaced by a technician yesterday to solve exactly the same issues I’m having now. It worked the rest of yesterday and most of today, but after TV was turned off today, it would not come back on later in the day.

The technicians are always service-oriented and helpful when they come, but I am very tired of needing them again time after time (this is the 5th time this year now). Infinity service is a big splurge for me, at over $200 a month, which I pay with the assumption that it will function properly without any - let alone as many as I have had - service issues.

I will soon be pursuing services through another provider, especially if this problem, once ‘fixed’, is not resolved permanently.

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I'm having the same issues, except mine is a 10yr old Toshiba Regza 2009. Hooked electrical equipment up to it and looks like electricity is still running through so I'm not sure what the problem is.

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If your television is not turning on or showing any signs of life, see the Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 Will Not Turn On problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Pull the plug and with the power disconnected hold the power button on for 60 seconds. After at least 60 seconds plug the tv in and try to start it. If it works great if not, hold the power button in the on position for a count of 20 with the tv plugged in. If there’s still no Joy try power with one of your volume buttons at the same time. One of these should provide a hard reset for the tv. Hope this helps!

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Omg!!!!! Thank you! This totally worked for me!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

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Can't believe this worked, THANK YOU!!

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Thank you !! I am so glad this worked. So thankful for your post.

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OMG!!! Amazing! Im so happy thank you so much

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i love you so %#*@ much. ty for the solution

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