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The following is a repair guide for the Samsung XE500C21-H01 Chromebook.

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How do I power wash my chrome book

chrome book freezes up after starting up

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how do i wipe everything off accounts i mean like if it was new fast way

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1. Go to Google Chrome.

2. Click on the menu button near the corner (3 lines)

3. Click 'Settings'.

4. Scroll down to the bottom and click 'Show advanced settings' then scroll to the bottom again..

5. Click the button saying 'Powerwash'.

Warning: This will remove all users from your chromebook. I'm not sure what else it does because I have never done this. However, I do know that lots of your things are saved on your user account. When I got a new chromebook because the old one got water damage, I set up my user account and there was all my browser history and bookmarks! However, I do remember needing to reinstall browser extensions (which shouldn't be a problem), and I'm not sure if it saves your files, so best to backup your files on somewhere like Google Drive just to be safe. I'm also not sure if this will solve your freezing problem, so maybe try going to chromebook help.

I haven't used this so I'm not sure if it has the answer to your problem, but search around and you may find a solution. Good luck!

Edit: I looked around a bit and found something that might help. It said this:

Try rebooting the device. Hold down the power button until the device has completely shut down, and then turn on the device again.

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"5. Click the button saying 'Powerwash'." ... this no longer exists.

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Before you power-wash/reset it. I would try in chrome menu top right, click on the puzzle piece/extensions icon and make sure your extensions are not corrupted. Repair any that are and remove ones that are not needed. Then see if it works a bit faster.

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