The Epson Stylus NX415 is a color inkjet printer. The printer uses T088/69/68 ink cartridges, which is the first generation of Epson ink that employs a wentess sensor behind the primary chip.

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cannot recognize ink cartridge 88/69 in my Epson Stylus NX415 printer

cannot recognize ink cartridge 88/69

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This is an old question, but I have some background on this printer since I used to have one. The NX415 was one of the first generation printers Epson released with the infamous dual chip cartridges that are a refiller's nightmare. These have the external green chip that everyone knows but hide a wetness sensor behind this chip. After the carts report ~25% on the ink, it locks the chip into read only mode permanently to prevent refilling, since the chip now has to be replaced. This "feature" is implemented on all of the 88/69/68 cartridges.

These printers are also known to kill the chip on these cartridges when you remove the ink from these printers the majority of the time. It's especially likely once you get to the ~25% mark, which is when the chip has the highest probability of being damaged.This is exactly why Epson doesn't recommend removal unless you intend to replace the cartridge - you're probably going to kill it if you don't know this is a major no no.

This is an old post, but it describes the problem: Freedom to print 69/68 teardown.

It sounds like you removed a low cartridge and replaced it, not knowing about this problem with the modern Epson cartridges before the black ones where they got rid of the wetness sensor. The cartridge is probably ruined and no longer usable, so you probably need to replace it OR fit a new chip on if you're equipped to change it. Of course, it has to be one that Epson hasn't sued over to prevent importation.

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