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Two-wheeled, motor-driven transportation, including mopeds and scooters.

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My old scooter making a weird noise while accelerating

Hey .. I'm having a problem with my Malaguti Centro Sl 50 2T scooter.. As i'm accelerating quite well after half an hour when it gets warm - makes a weeird noise and dont takes speed anymore so i have to slow down at minimum so i dont hear that noise..Again i try to take some speed but the same weird noise and dont take speed... After i let 15-20min to rest a bit - Than it goes normally until its get warmed and do that again ://...

Dont know is engine or a transmition part ...

I dont have recorded but its very very similiar to this video :

So if someone know what it is and why make that weird noise please tell me ...

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In the video it seems to be an ingition problem to me.

Try to pull out the connector from the CDI signal unit and the CDI unit maybe the ignition transformator, clean it with contact cleaner than put it back.

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