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The Dell Inspiron 580 covers the basic computing needs. It may not provide the most advanced version of each feature, but the basics are available and provided for users.

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network adapter driver problem

how to fix network adapter problem?

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The details jerry is missing is that when you install the driver, its never recognized as the correct driver (try them all I dare you! I did) whether it be any of the ones that are preloaded with windows or the drivers dell tells you to download, none are recognized, when you get a fancy installing drivers wizard it tells you the device cannot start because its in a deep sleep mode and then when you google that issue people tell you to pull the ram for a motherboard reset. The other oddity to this issue is installing an after-market USB wifi dongle doesn't by-pass the issue, it has the EXACT same problem, is the inspiron 580 allergic to internet?

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I think you can tell us the detail of your problem. You can try to download drivers from official website in other computer. And then install it on the one which has problem. Besides, I ever use a drive tool named Drive Talent network card version to |fix network card problem on my Windows 8.1 laptop.

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Here is a link to Dell's download page for your desktop. Dell Inspiron 580 Driver Downloads Under "Network" you will find the most recent version of the driver software for your computer. Download and install the driver for the card which you are experiencing driver issues with. If replacing/updating the driver does not solve your problem, it could be a problem with the hardware inside of your computer or the device that you are attempting to connect to.

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Hi, it is suggested you provide more information about your problem. If your network adapter driver is outdated or broken, you could download the correct one from the manufacturer's website and install it manually then. Well, it is recommended you download Driver Talent to keep your windows drivers in good condition. It could help you to update or repair the driver automatically. You may have a try.

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