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This Firestrike Elite Blaster was released in 2013. In addition to its plunger activated firing setup, it features laser guided aim. The blaster originally came in blue, white, gray, and orange but a second color scheme features orange, white, and gray.

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Why is the Nerf dart firing so weakly?

When I pull the trigger the dart only fires a few feet.

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How old is the gun? Is it used a lot? If you're good at disassembling stuff and putting it back together then you may be able to fix it. If not then I would suggest buying a few one as thier not expensive. There are a few reasons why the darts may not be foreign far. The spring may be worn down. If that's the case the spring can be replaced. The barrel or piston may be congested. Look inside to make sure nothing is blocking the piston. The darts may be to blame. Check your darts, if they are ripped this would cause them not to go far or if they are the wrong darts they won't fire correctly. Make sure the darts are the same kind as the darts that came with the gun and that they don't have rips.

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There is a chance that the barrel has a crack in it and isn't keeping the air pressure. Or it could be that the plunger and O-ring system has failed at either the spring or the O-ring. For both of these repairs and more please look at the troubleshooting page.

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