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Apex 7" internet tablet with Android operating system manufactured in 2013. Also identified by manufacturing number AP-7S118.

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My tablet will not load

I turn on my tablet, but it gets stuck on the loading screen and never gets to a menu or password screen. What can I do to fix this?

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hello, my tablet it`s stuck in updating android "upgrade app 1 of 19" but it`s stuck there and the motherboard it`s very hot.

i left upgrading the software by more of 4 hours but still its in app 1 of 19.

i cant connect to my pc doesn`t recognize the device

how i can fix it?

- de

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First, ensure your device is adequately charged by plugging it in four several hours. Try turning it on again after charging.

If this doesn't help, there may be a software glitch. The most common fix for this problem is to perform a factory reset. Instructions for doing so are available here.

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