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Second generation sales in Japan began October 7, 1993, with an introduction for model year 1995 in North America with a full body and chassis revision.

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Subaru Legacy will crank/turnover but wont start

I have a 95 GT Subaru Legacy wagon, manual trans, twin turbo. The car has hardly been used since the problem started about a year ago. Last time it was used was over a month ago. Today I thought I'd better give it a run. After trying to start it a couple of times with no luck, we just push started it and off I went down the road. Came back, turned the car off, then tried to start it a minute later (after the turbo timers 1 minute countdown), and it started straight away. Did this 3 times and started each time. Waited about 5mins and tried again, but it wouldn't start. Once it's running it's fine.

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once your car is running it is no longer running off battery power it switches to the power outputted by the alternator and the engine. since your car runs no problem after it is running I would logically assume it would be the battery, or a loose connection. try there and verify that there is nothing causing the discharge of the battery via a current draw test.

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I did the same thing when i first got the car it wouldnt start until i pull started it and then ran fine. I ran it for near a year until the clutch went out . Now it wont start again. Darn it what pull start it again maybe?? From the previous answer id say yes.

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