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Este modelo de cámara Kodak fue lanzado en agosto de 2009. Viene en una variedad de colores y el dispositivo le permite ver sus fotos en una pantalla LCD a color de tres pulgadas.

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Why will my battery not charge?

I have plugged in the camera and left in on the charger for a few hours. However, the charging light will not come in while its plugged in, and the camera will still not power on after being plugged into the wall after a few hours.

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Make sure that you have properly installed the battery and that it is clean making for good conductivity. The battery might also be dysfunctional, requiring you to have to replace the battery. Your charger may be damaged or be the wrong type of charger causing it not to function properly. Assess which of these might be the issue and pursue remedial action. You may have to buy a new charger or simply have mixed it up with another one you might have. Another common issue is not with the camera system itself but with the outlet you plug it into. Try another outlet to see if it is a dysfunctional outlet and not the battery or charging cords that is the issue. For further information refer to the following links:

Kodak Easyshare M381 Troubleshooting

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I have tried two chargers, but neither one charges the battery. Does it possibly need new battery? thank you

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I have this problem but the battery is absolutely new. Only bought the camera this morning but the charging light won't come on at all.

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I have the same problem, camera has only been used once since new.

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