Microphone quiet/muffled when using front-facing video

Hi All! What does it mean when the microphone works fine when using the back video camera, but when you switch to the front camera the microphone input is quiet and muffled?

If you Google the issue it's apparent that lots of people have experienced this, but there doesn't seem to be a clear solution.



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IMO it means the front mic part of the front camera flex cable is not *recording* sounds like it should. It could be that A/ the mesh covering the ear speaker and front mic is clogged, or B/ the cable is improperly seated, or C/ the mic or cable carrying it is damaged.

I'd start with A/, pierce the mesh of the ear speaker with a fine needles ~3 times in the middle of the mesh. Don't let it in more than ~1mm to avoid disturbing anything in there. Then test the mic.

B/ If no improvement, I'd use this guide until step 11 to disconnect then reseat the front camera cable. This may help, although not very likely.

C/ Change the front camera flex cable following the guide here above all the way to the end.

Note: if issue is a clogged mesh, it can be changed using that same guide here above to remove the front cam flat cable (like in option C), after which push the mesh in, from the outside towards the inside of the screen using a flat plastic tool. Get a replacement mesh from eBay or just peel off the top layer and put the rest back in. It's a bit of a pain to replace that mesh and there is always that inherent risk to every repair to damage the phone or screen.

Imagen iPhone 5 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


iPhone 5 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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It's a bit detailed in case someone with less experience reads it and wants to follow the troubleshoot.


Thanks Rany, I appreciate it! I was posting for a friend, so I'll let him know the info and let you know how it goes.


Welcome! Never had this exact case before, so I'm guessing.. but that's where I'd look. Then if it doesn't solve it, would check the sound circuit on the board. But "muffled" pointed me towards a clogged mesh.


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Looks like noise cancellation is "on" in your settings.

Go to settings>General>Accessibility. Right at the bottom is Noise Cancelation and my guess is that it's "on". Turn it "off" and Bingo, you'll be hearing sound on recordings again.

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UGH. Didn't work. It was "on" and I toggled it off, but still nothing. Can't figure it out yet.


same have this issue and nothing can be done


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Update (01/16/2019)

try this one. They claim this works.

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