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Mid 2014 / Intel Core i3 / 500GB Hard Drive

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My laptop is overheating

Recently my laptop has been overheating even though I haven't been using it that frequently. How do I stop it from overheating?

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Make sure your laptop is on a hard flat surface to allow for proper airflow and to avoid overheating issues. Another reason may be the fan on your device accumulating dust and debris over time, which causes the fan to not function properly. Use compressed air in small bursts about two inches away from the fan vents to clean them.

If you have any further questions, here is a link to the troubleshooting guide for your device: HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx Troubleshooting

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Thanks for helping me! I found this information very useful and I now believe that I won't encounter any overheating issues with my laptop in the future.

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