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HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx Troubleshooting

HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx

TouchSmart 15 won’t turn on

No matter how many times you hit the power button, your TouchSmart won't turn on.

Battery (Out of charge)

If your TouchSmart won’t turn on, your battery may be the cause. Your battery could be out of charge, in which case you can simply charge it with the charger that came with your TouchSmart.

Battery (Faulty)

If your TouchSmart 15 won’t turn on, your battery may be the cause. Your battery could be broken beyond repair causing your TouchSmart to not turn on. One way to check is to remove the battery (guide to removing the battery can be found here) and then try to turn on your TouchSmart with the charger plugged in. If it turns on without the battery in, then the battery is most likely faulty. If the battery is faulty, it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. A guide to replacing the battery can be found here.

TouchSmart 15 won’t read discs

Your TouchSmart 15 won’t read or run any CD’s placed in the optical drive.

Scratched disc

The TouchSmart 15 may not recognize a disc if it is too badly damaged. The first thing to do to know if this is the problem or not is to insert other CD’s and see if the TouchSmart reads them. If the TouchSmart doesn’t read other discs, look below for further causes. If the TouchSmart reads others discs, then the disc is the issue. Check to see if the disc bottom has noticeable scratches. If it does, try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth. If the TouchSmart still doesn’t read the disc, you will most likely have to replace the disc.

Dirty laser lens

If a scratched disc isn’t the problem, it may be caused by a dirty laser lens. To fix this, you need to remove the optical drive from the TouchSmart and clean the drive thoroughly while being careful not to damage it.

The CD drive may be broken and needs to be replaced

The CD drive still doesn’t read discs after cleaning the optical drive. It most likely needs to be fully replaced. A guide on how to do so can be found here.

TouchSmart 15 shows black screen

TouchSmart 15 is showing a black screen when turned on.

Reset the TouchSmart

If your TouchSmart 15 is showing a black screen when turned on, the first step in fixing it is to reset your TouchSmart. To do this, hold the power button down for a few seconds until your TouchSmart turns off. Wait a moment, then hold the power button down again until your TouchSmart turns on and see if the black screen is fixed.

Faulty Display

If the black screen isn’t gone after the reset, the display screen may be faulty/broken. The only way to fix this is to replace the screen entirely.

TouchSmart 15 overheating

Your TouchSmart 15 is getting very hot.

TouchSmart 15 setup

Make sure your TouchSmart is on a hard flat surface to avoid overheating issues. Having your TouchSmart on a flat surface allows for airflow and heat transfer to occur, thus cooling your TouchSmart down. Laptop cooling pads are also a viable option for controlling your laptop’s heat. Cooling pads are placed under the TouchSmart, and usually connected either via USB or power cord.

Fan Maintenance

If your TouchSmart 15 fan is not doing its job properly, the first step is to buy a can of compressed air. Fans accumulate dust and debris over time, which causes the fan to not function properly. Use compressed air in small bursts about two inches away from the fan vents to clean them.

TouchSmart 15 wifi not working

Your TouchSmart 15 can't connect to the internet.

Make sure wifi is turned on

To turn on your TouchSmart 15 wifi, the first step is by pressing f8 on the keyboard which will allow to you to toggle the Wifi settings.

Make sure the TouchSmart 15 is in range of the wifi signal

Take your TouchSmart to various locations in your house to see where your internet connection works best. If you are able, use your TouchSmart close to the place where the internet works the fastest.

Your wifi connection may not be set up properly

First, you will want to check what wifi connections are being shown on your TouchSmart 15. If you don’t see the wireless network you're trying to connect to, there might be an issue with your wireless router. To fix this, you may have to contact your Internet Service Provider.

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I have tried the battery that's not it. What happened was the computer kicked off the internet to the point that the hotspot didn't show up did a restore was working then it just stopped working tried the hard restore that didn't work the only thing that happens when I turn on the computer is is the wifi key is orange no fans no nothing help please

Jennifer - Contestar

Did you find out what the problem is, Jennifer? I am having the same problem.

farnorthgirl -

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