Backlight working time to time

I have a 2010 Cinema Display 27"

It's been working in a intermittent way for some time. First I thought it was the power supply and cord, I changed it and nothing happened. Still works depending on its mood.

When I plug the display I have no backlight. Everything else works fine (Audio and USB), and if I light a torch on the display you can see the image in the back.

The strange thing here is that sometimes and just out of the blue the display works perfect even for 5 days in a row. I went out of the office for 2 days (macbook stayed connected) and now it doesn't work again.

Any thoughts?



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Same thing here its about to die. I have replaced my logic board Nothing. Then i replaced the PSU board same nothing. The I replaced the all in one cable and still same results. The speakers work the USB ports work. I flash a bright light i can see an image. Next thing i am going to try is the board on the lcd panel its self

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